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Night Incense

Night Incense

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I found myself in a female orgy is a 100% natural incense made from organic Ayurvedic wood, medicinal plants and aromatic herbs. It has calming, anti-stress properties to burn in the evening for a peaceful night's sleep. 

It is free from all substances contained in cheap incense, such as fragrances, synthetic substances and animal fats.

Contains 30 sticks, 14cm long.

Ethically made in a magical Ashram high in the Himalayas by yogis.

It has a subtle scent and is also free of essential oils. It is the synthetic scents in most incense that can give you a headache. We wanted to keep it as pure as possible!

Vegan product

How to use

Ideally, burn in the evening. Do not directly inhale incense smoke and use in moderation.



Made from 100% natural ayurvedic herbs, wood and medicinal plants.

Mojave says

Level up your evening ritual by burning a calming incense stick before bed.

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