5 Easy Clean Beauty Swaps for a more healthy approach to life

We often forget that true beauty begins with a holistic approach to life. At Mojave, we're all about making clean beauty swaps that are simple and effective. These five clean beauty alternatives will not only help you look better but also feel better, all while contributing to a healthier planet.

1: Organic Rose Floral Water by Anne Millois 

Simplify your skincare with Anne Millois's 100% pure organic rose floral water. Use it as a toner or a refreshing mist, or even take a sip to enjoy its healing benefits. Say goodbye to synthetic fragrances and chemicals, and hello to soft, refreshed skin.

2: LESSE Soothing Lip Balm

Keep your lips soft and happy with LESSE's soothing lip balm. This non-toxic hero contains calendula, jojoba, and mint to hydrate and nourish your lips naturally. No more questionable ingredients found in conventional lip balms.

3: LESSE Refining Cleanser

Make the best out of your skincare ritual with LESSE's organic refining cleanser. It gently exfoliates, decongests, and brightens your skin. A clean and minimalist option for your best skin ever!

4: Cosmic Dealer Ayurvedic Copper Tongue Cleaner

Oral care matters too! Maintain a healthy microbiome with the Cosmic Dealer Ayurvedic Copper Tongue Cleaner. It helps balance your oral microbiome, boosting your overall well-being. A small addition for big health benefits.

5: ROWSE Organic Jojoba Oil

Regulate your skin's sebum production with ROWSE's organic jojoba oil. It's a simple, non-comedogenic, and 100% organic solution to keep your skin nourished and radiant, without clogging your pores.


In conclusion, clean beauty doesn't have to be complicated. These easy swaps not only enhance your beauty but also support a healthier planet. By choosing natural, non-toxic alternatives, you can detoxify your beauty routine and embrace a more mindful, holistic approach to your well-being. Your body and the Earth will thank you. 

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