Hi, I'm Jasmin the founder of Mojave. Nice to meet you!

At Mojave we believe in a holistic approach when it comes to beauty and any skin concerns.

We believe that healthy, nourishing foods, mindful thinking and eating, clean skincare and good vibes all reflect on your skin. 

Mojave started from my own experience, I struggled with bad acne prone skin and digestive problems. But I slowly discovered a way into a new holistic lifestyle that inspired me to do things differently.

Nature, nutrition and clean skincare are very important to me. I've learned a lot about the healing properties of food and the choice for simple ingredients and organic whole foods. At Mojave we always choose sustainable, hormone-friendly and chemical-free products, with respect for your skin, your body and the ecosystem.

Enjoy our carefully chosen selection of wellness tools and clean beauty products that can make a difference in your daily routine.