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At Mojave we believe in a holistic approach when it comes to beauty and any skin concerns.

We believe that healthy, nourishing foods, mindful thinking and eating, clean skincare and good vibes all reflect on your skin. Enjoy our carefully chosen selection of wellness tools and clean beauty products that can make a difference in your daily routine.


Summer essentials

ORRIS artisanal botanical soap - Le Botaniste - Mojave Lifestyle


ORRIS artisanal botanical soaps are handcrafted in small batches in the South of France. Each Cold processed soap is hand-poured and hand-cut, using the finest oils, butters, and botanicals.

Multipurpose products for the Face and Body inspired by rich histories of holistic practices, such as herbalism, Ayurveda, and cleansing rituals.

  • LESSE Refining Cleanser - Mojave Lifestyle

    Refining Cleanser

    A new, organic way to cleanse with soft exfoliation to decongest, smooth and brighten skin.

  • LESSE Bioactive Mask - Mojave Lifestyle

    Bioactive Mask

    A soothing, deeply hydrating and clarifying mask to clear, decongest, fade dark spots and replenish skin on a deeper level.

  • LESSE Regeneration Mist - Mojave Lifestyle

    Regeneration Mist

    Instantly soothes, deeply hydrates and naturally brightens skin, with a powerful blend of medicinal mushrooms and replenishing antioxidants.

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Thelma Paris organic objects - Mojave Lifestyle

Thelma Paris

Thelma Paris are organic objects that allow you to reconnect body and mind, to be in the moment. Inspired by Japanese rituals, Thelma Paris objects let you find joy in celebrating the present moment.

Shop Cleansing Rituals - Mojave Lifestyle

Cleansing Rituals

Discover our gentle organic cleansing rituals to purify and balance the skin.

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