Benefits of oil cleansing

Oil cleansing is the crucial first step in any skincare routine. It's a powerful yet gentle method to clean your skin. Oil cleansing helps restore your skin's atural balance, promoting cell regeneration without disrupting its pH levels. By massaging the oil in circular motions, we not only purify the skin but also relax muscles.

Why is it effective? Despite concerns, oil cleansing is beneficial for oily or acne-prone skin. Our skin produces its own oil, called sebum, and oil cleansing helps dissolve excess oil that accumulates throughout the day, leading to clogged pores and less sebum production. This results in a clearer and more even complexion.

Why double cleanse? Double cleansing involves using a cleansing oil to remove makeup and sunscreen, followed by a water-based cleanser. The first cleanse removes dirt, makeup, bacteria, and environmental toxins, while the second cleanse ensures thorough cleaning.

While not always necessary, a gentle double cleanse is recommended, especially for heavy makeup wearers. It deeply cleanses pores in a gentle manner.

Maintaining balanced and moisturized skin with oils is essential. At Mojave, we offer cold-pressed plant-based oils with nourishing properties to protect and maintain your skin's health.

Shop our cleansing oils and make it part of your daily routine!



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