Guide to dry brushing

Dry brushing is ayurvedic ritual and an ancient old technique that is an effective and easy way to stimulate your immune system and lymph flow. It is great for exfoliating the skin, improve skin texture and reduce cellulite.


I discovered dry brushing during a detox period last spring. from then on it was a daily ritual in my routine. It felt really nice to add this ritual during a detox cure, because it improves blood circulation and boosts your body's natural detox process.

I prefer to dry brush in the morning just before my shower, so that all the dead skin cells are rinsed off. Listen carefully to your skin, don’t brush too hard and see what feels nice for you. Don't forget to use a delicious body cream or oil after the session. 


Guide to dry brushing


1. Choose your brush

Choose a sustainable brush and see what feels good for your skin. I immediately choose for a hard bristle, but a slightly soft one is perfectly fine.

2. Time to dry brush

Like I said, I like to dry brush in the morning. It gives me energy and it has an uplifting effect. Then I jump into the shower and rinse off all impurities and dead skin cells, it feels so good. When I choose to dry brush in the evening, I choose a warm relaxing bath afterwards.

3. Always start at the feet

Start at the bottom of your feet and make smooth straight strokes upwards, always brushing towards your heart, the centre of your body, where your lymph system drains. When you brush your stomach make circular movements, which is great for your digestion. You end up with your neck and décolletage, be gentle here because the skin is more delicate.

4. Then shower

Wash away all the dead skin cells and impurities. If you feel like it, Take a cold shower, even better after dry brushing.

5. Choose your moisturizer

For me it depends on my mood whether I choose an oil, a lotion or a cream. In winter I often opt for a thicker texture, a cream for my dry winter skin. In the summer a lotion will do the trick. Moisturize when your skin is still damp, it better absorbs your moisturizer. 

6. keep doing it

If you only dry brush once, you will not see any results. stick to it and make it a fixed value in your routine. It is also a great moment of self-care, make time for these little extras in your daily life. They can have a major impact on your well-being.


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