7 tips to have a more sustainable lifestyle

The transition to a more sustainable lifestyle does not happen overnight. Nobody is perfect, but here are some simple tips that everyone can try to start living more consciously. It's the little things that make a difference, find what works for you. 


1: Find your local organic store and buy organic whenever possible

Shopping locally is always better! Choose a local organic store with a transparent story. As a consumer you can rely on the fact that everything is grown organically and without pesticides. Believe it or not, it's better for our planet and our bodies.

2: Choose a more plant based and organic whole food lifestyle

Choose organic whole foods, the food we put into our bodies should be nourishing and colourful. Eat the rainbow and be inspired by the seasons.

3: Zero waist where possible

I try to choose zero waist, where possible. By buying organic products at the farmers market, or your local organic store that are not packed in plastic, like fruit and veggies, you are already making a big difference in reducing your ecological footprint.

4. Switch to clean beauty

In many skincare products you will find hormone disrupting and synthetic substances. These are added to give the product a pleasant scent and texture. These substances seep into your bloodstream and build up in your body, affecting your health. At Mojave we believe that the best scents and textures can be found in nature with respect for your body, skin and ecosystem!

5. Shop small, shop local

It is important to support our local economy. By buying clothes, furniture, food, wine more locally, you're also significantly reducing your ecological footprint.

6. Don't buy too much

I love fashion, but I try not to buy too much. And when I buy, I choose beautiful fabrics and materials from sustainable fashion brands.

7. Make your own lunches

The most ready-made lunches aren't even healthy! By making your own, you know what you eat, you save money and you no longer have to buy single-use plastic. Be inspired, get in your kitchen and put your lunch in a reusable container. Enjoy!

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