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Ayurvedic Herbal Tea - Energy

Ayurvedic Herbal Tea - Energy

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Vibrant green tea for energy and immunity. It is literally the most delicious tea ever.

Think Genmaicha (green tea with toasted brown rice) in Sobacha (toasted buckwheat). That malty, smoky flavor with comforting toasted grains is so good. And now imagine adding a blend of Ayurvedic herbs to it.

How to use

A spoon of each side for one cup of tea


genmaicha, ginger,* moringa,* holy basil
*from organic farming

Mojave says

Tulsi is great for your hair and skin, to deal with stress response, but also to be focused and full of energy. It is one of my favorite herbs, That's why I love this tea so much to start my day.

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