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Ayurvedic Herbal Tea - Sleep

Ayurvedic Herbal Tea - Sleep

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Ayurvedic infusion for deep and restorative sleep.

Toasty buckwheat (grown and roasted in Brittany) gives the body a warm embrace, coaxing it into relaxation with subtle notes of caramel.

Ayurvedic herbs (Lemon Balm, like cinnamon, star anise and fennel) seduce the mind into a deep slumber.

It's satisfying, it's comfy, it's like falling asleep next to Bambi on a warm forest floor.

One box contains 12 individual compostable sachets.
Made with highest quality organic ingredients.
No sweeteners, no flavourings, certifed organic, made in France.


How to use

To brew the tea, start by boiling water. Place the tea bag in a cup, pour hot water over it, steep, remove the tea bag, add your preferred sweetener such as raw honey or other flavors, and enjoy.


Roasted buckwheat *, Green rooibos*, Red rooibos*, Cinnamon *, Star anise *, Fennel fruit *, Wild chamomile *, Lemon balm*
* From organic farming

Mojave says

This grounding rooibos infusion is the perfect tea ritual at the end of my day.

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