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Clear Skin - Acne-Free Skincare Workshop 25/04

Clear Skin - Acne-Free Skincare Workshop 25/04

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Acne affects people of all ages and can significantly impact self-confidence. But don't worry, our acne workshop is designed to offer professional guidance and support.

After years of struggling with it myself, I've gathered all my tools and insights to offer you the best expert care. Join us for practical advice on acne, hormones, skincare, gut health, and healthy living. Discover useful tips on nutrition and effective skincare that truly works in our two-hour workshop.

Who's It For: Anyone dealing with acne and sensitive skin issues.

When: Thursday evening, April 25th, from 19 - 21h. Enjoy a refreshing drink and healthy snack during the workshop.

Cost: €50, with €25 available for product purchases later. Use this credit to bring home your favorite acne-free skincare products!

Ideal for those with oily or combination skin, this workshop offers hands-on guidance using natural products to tackle your skin concerns. Expect personalized advice!

How to use

Book your workshop spot here! Reservations are limited.

Cancel at least 24 hours in advance for a full refund; otherwise, refunds won't be issued.


workshop €50

Mojave says

What To Expect:

- Easy tips & tricks
- Simple skincare routines for home
- Practical solutions
- Personalized skin advice
- Healthy drinks and snacks
- Workshop is in Dutch

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