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Anne Millois

Organic Rose Floral Water

Organic Rose Floral Water

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Organic rose floral water, 100% pure and natural.

This water refines and reveals the radiance of the complexion. It balances the pH of the skin and neutralizes limescale residues.

Organic rose floral water, tonic and softening, is a delicate care to restore youth to your skin. It is astringent and firming. 100% pure and natural, it does not contain alcohol or preservatives.

Vegan product 

Suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women

100ml recycled glass bottle with spray pump

How to use

Using the spray, spray mist over the entire face and lightly tap with fingertips to penetrate. Use as a toner! You can even spray this in your mouth and enjoy all its healing properties.


100% pure and natural Rose Damascena. Contains no alcohol or preservatives.

Mojave says

Discover the transformative power of our organic rose floral water. This pure and natural elixir refines and reveals your skin's radiance. it's the best one on the market, so fresh and pure!

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