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Thelma Paris

Regeneration Incense Sticks

Regeneration Incense Sticks

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The characteristic scent of Japanese cherry blossoms heralds the arrival of spring, like the promise of renewal. The fragrance of the Regeneration sticks delicately envelops a room and leaves a floral olfactory note ideal for welcoming guests. It is also appreciated at the end of a summer dinner to extend the evening.

With smokeless combustion and a delicate fragrance, Thelma Paris incense is made in Japan using ancestral methods and know-how. 

Each box contains more than 20 hours of combustion with 48 sticks for about 25 minutes.

How to use

Burn in the morning or during the day. Do not directly inhale incense smoke and use with moderation.


The sticks are made from high quality aromatic raw materials: wood, resins, and oils carefully selected with respect for the environment from which they are taken.

Mojave says

Awaken the senses
Purify the atmosphere
Create a place of your own

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