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Thelma Paris

Saké Soap - Rice Cleanser

Saké Soap - Rice Cleanser

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Thelma Paris Saké Soap is the ultimate gentle cleanser for face, body and hands.

It is fragrance-free but has a slight sour smell given by sake kasu (or sake lees).

In pure Japanese tradition, sake lees are used in cosmetics. Its virtues are multiple. Its richness in nutrients makes it an ally for all skin types: sensitive, dry, normal or oily.

Following the Japanese tradition and in a zero waste approach, the French sake brewery Wakazé donates the fruit of its distillery to the soap maker partner of Thelma Paris located in  Île-de-France

The Sake Soap is a cold-saponified soap which allows the best possible preservation of the benefits of the ingredients used. In particular oils: soybean, sesame and rice bran all from organic farming.

Your skin is left soft as silk.

Suitable for sensitive, dry or even oily to acne prone skin.

Weight: 100 gram

How to use

A soap for the whole family. Work the soap into your hands. Gently massage hands, body and face, avoiding the eye area. Rinse well after use.

To extend the life of your soap, it is recommended that you keep it dry after each use by placing it on a suitable soap dish.


Coconut oil*, olive oil*, soybean oil*, sesame oil*, sake grounds (kazu sake), rice bran oil*. From organic farming

Mojave says

Keep your soap dry between uses.

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