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Self-Love Gift Set

Self-Love Gift Set

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Discover the essence of self-love with our Self-Love Gift Set, crafted to celebrate love in all its forms. Treat yourself to some well-deserved me-time and discover radiant, clear skin and a nourished body and spirit.

Enjoy a 10% discount on our carefully selected essentials:

  1. Rowse Jasmine Cleansing Balm: Lift your spirits with its calming fragrance while removing makeup and hydrating your skin

  2. Dry Brush: Stimulate your immune system, exfoliate your skin, and reduce cellulite with ease.

  3. Anne Millois Rose Water: Pure and natural, it refines your complexion and balances your skin's pH.

  4. Anne Millois Avocado Soap: Moisturize and nourish your skin with its gentle formula, perfect for sensitive skin.

  5. Lemon Verbena Tea: Enjoy its uplifting aroma and soothing effects on both body and mind.

How to use


1. Jasmine Cleansing Balm: Take a small amount with dry fingertips, massage onto dry face and around eyes. Add lukewarm water to create a milky texture, then rinse off with water or a damp cloth.

2. Dry Brushing: Start from feet, brush upwards towards heart in smooth strokes. Use circular motions on stomach for digestion. Be gentle on neck and décolletage.

3. Anne Millois Rose Water: Spray mist over face, lightly tap with fingertips to absorb. Can also be used as a toner or sprayed in mouth for its healing properties.

4. Anne Millois Avocado Soap: Work soap into hands, gently massage onto hands, body, and face (avoiding eyes). Rinse thoroughly.

5. Lemon Verbena Tea: Use 1 tsp of herb per 250 ml cup, brew covered for 4-5 minutes at 95°C. Strain and serve.


Please consult the ingredients list for additional details.

Mojave says

Our self-love set is all about celebrating the importance of self-care and appreciation. With small but meaningful rituals, it encourages moments of me-time and promotes radiant skin. Whether treating yourself or a loved one, it's a reminder to prioritize self-love and nourishment. So indulge, unwind, and show yourself some love this Valentine's Day.

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